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Caroline Kelly

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Make your website a one-stop shop. A well-crafted, SEO friendly blog will have your customers returning again and again and make your online presence shine out.


Let me help you create your online voice with a tailor-made blog that speaks authority. I will update your blog regularly, leaving you to the important work of running your business, knowing you're in safe hands.







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When you need your messages out there, let me help you with a perfectly written page, targeted for the right audience and fully SEO ready.


An experienced web content writer, you're in good  hands with your story told the way you want it, backed by the best in Search Engine Optimised (SEO)  keywords and searchable tags. 

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Features and press releases


With commissions from several magazines, I love features. Let me create for you some powerfully written, well researched articles for your print or online magazine.


If you need to get news out fast then let me tailor a press release that sends just the right message to just the right audiences. I'll work with you to identify your target market and create the perfect release to take your story out into the world. 





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How much do you charge?


My rates are negotiable and can be paid per project or per hour. Discounts are available for repeat customers. I also offer packages, including a monthly blog update.



Is your work guaranteed?


100% and regular reviews as your project develops ensures that everyone is happy with the work being produced.




Can you advise me on exactly what I need for my blog or website?


Absolutely, the benefit of hiring somone with a lot of professional experience is that I won't waste your time or mine with lots of meaningless fluff.




What makes you stand out from other freelancers?



Two things really. I care more and I'm the real deal. A simple test is to look at other writers' sites. If they're littered with spelling and grammar mistakes steer well clear. If you find one on my site, I'll write you a free blog!




Besides writing, do you offer any other services?


The quick answer to this is yes. The slightly longer version is: as a journalist and PR professional I can also offer you advice on where to place press releases, help you identify which audiences you should target and help you make contact with relevant media.

I also offer media training if you find yourself regularly in front of the cameras in a spokesperson capacity.




What do you do when you're not writing?


Mainly taking care of a husband, two children and soon-to-be-owner of two small kittens, almost a full-time job in itself! If I get any time off I love to go running.